Wednesday, December 29, 2010

North American Open - Round 6

Played terribly, I do not see simple captures, cannot calculate. I withdrew after that Round. I think it's time to take my mind off chess for just a little bit before returning to get stronger again...

North American Open - Round 5

I am on a loosing streak :( :( :( . Another loss today. Lost at the very opening. Played a very quick game

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

North American Open - Round 4

It looks like many people in U1500 (Under 1500) are actually A1500 (Above 1500).

I lost to another fake 1400ss guy. Bad decisions and running very low on time. I had to make 14 moves in 6 minutes! Game was over basically after move 35, but I kept on playing til checkmate anyways :). Just me :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

North American Open - Round 3

Game I will always be ashamed of!!

Spaced out completely, walked into the fork, gave all the pieces away thinking of stalemate opportunity which was never there.. Signs of exhaustion? Perhaps... Basically, game was going well until move 21, then it was over... I need some serious sleep for tomorrow. Tomorrow is a better day :)

North American Open - Round 2

Not proud of my game today. Did terrible in the opening and midgame. So many blunders in just one game. Managed to draw it though. Game lasted 4 hours 11 minutes, I was white (Smith-Morra Gambit).

North American Open - Round 1

Played a long game today G40/2 SD1 for 3 hours 45 minutes (according to my new Christmas present - Personal Chess Manager, Monroi)

I was black against someone 100 points more than me. Opening was not bad (Petroff transposed into Two Knights Defense), I had difficulties in the midgame and managed to recuperate towards the end game.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

SDCC - Gambito #497 - Round 4

Game in 40 min with 5 seconds delay.

Played against the nicest person of SDCC - Fred Cleveland. Fred has a history of running into time problems during 40 min games. He plays above his level in long games though.

I offered him a draw around move 20-21. He declined.

SDCC - Gambito #497 - Round 1

Played a short game today (Game in 40, 5 seconds delay). Lost terribly.

Friday, December 10, 2010

SDCC - Class Championships - Round 4

Eliza inspired me to start blogging about my chess games. The idea actually never entered my mind before maybe because I have not been treating my games too seriously. Anyways, this is the very first entry in my chess blog. Round 4 game against the lovely lady Maria Murra. I have played with Maria few times before being close to be beaten. This time I won.